Colleen McIntosh received her Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Certification from Sandi Harmer of Rainbows Beginnings. Colleen obtained her IET Level 3 - Certification, in October of 2013.

IET is a "hands on" healing modality and power energy therapy system.  It is a holistic means of getting to the heart of the issue and providing the necessary and requested healing.  IET Practitioners utilize the Violet Angelic Energy Ray, via the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field, to provide healing through your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA. 

IET Therapy gently and safely supports the release of limiting energy patterns from your past, empowers and balances you in the present, and helps you evolve into your future, healed.  Aim for the stars and allow the healing of the Angels to support you, in obtaining and following your Life's Path.  Using the healing of the Angels will effectively integrate the pain of the past, into the power of the present, to restore joy and healing.

Integrated Energy Therapy is an ideal way to begin a energy therapy practice and a wonderful complimentary technique to other holistic therapies; such as:  Reiki, Massage and Therapeutic Touch.   IET is a perfect, all natural, holistic and independent energy therapy system.  The mission of IET is to:  "Heal the World, One Heart at a Time".

“It is my great honour to assist my clients to promote their health, wellbeing and empowerment throughout our sessions.  My Psychic practice is based on the highest principals and ideals to promote peace, insight, wisdom and harmony.”

Each session 60 minutes, depending on a client’s needs or wishes.  Longer sessions are available, upon request.

Integrated Energy Therapy:

60 minute sessions = $100.00

All private group parties and corporate events will be priced according to the needs and wishes requested by the participants and clients.  Please contact us at for details and a quote.

All Psychic Readings are for personal growth and entertainment purposes, only.  Clients must be 18 years of age or older and/or have parental consent.
Note: It is recommended you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical, emotional or psychological ailment you may have.  Clients must be 18 years of age or older and/or have parental consent. 

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