Tarot has been utilized and adopted, as a means and tool for divination purposes.  Tarot is simply a catalyst, enhancing the psychic mind. Tarot allows a Practitioner, to “tap into” universal truths, influences and energies.
Psychic energy is a life force that flows through every particle of the Universe.  Psychic work, through Tarot Cards, is a means of accessing influences and events
in our lives.  Everyone possesses some degree of innate psychic skill and ability.  Applied dedication, desire and intent ensures a successful divination outcome, for my clients. 

Mediumship is the use of a facilitator (Medium) to make contact with a deceased loved one, Angels and Spirit Guides.  A spirit uses a Medium to communicate, either verbally or visually. Some Mediums receive their information, by thought transference or mental telepathy, without using any of the five known physical senses. 

The Medium's perception, is subjective and dependent on the Medium's interpretation.  The Medium strives to relay the given information without any bias or personal interpretation, in order to maintain the purity or clarity of the information received.

Clairvoyance or clear seeing:  is the ability to see Spirit through "the third eye".

Clairaudience or clear hearing:  is the ability to hear the voice of Spirit.

Clairsentience or intuitiveness:  is the ability to sense the presence of Spirit and interpret the message or symbols provided.

“It is my great honour to assist my clients to promote their health, wellbeing and empowerment throughout our sessions.  My Psychic practice is based on the highest principals and ideals to promote peace, insight, wisdom and harmony.”

Each session is 30 to 60 minutes, depending on a client’s needs or wishes.  Longer sessions are available, upon request.


30 minute sessions = $50.00
60 minute sessions = $100.00

All private group parties and corporate events will be priced according to the needs and wishes requested by the participants and clients.  Please contact us at info@angeldivinations.ca for details and a quote.

All Psychic Readings are for personal growth and entertainment purposes, only.  Clients must be 18 years of age or older and/or have parental consent.
Note: It is recommended you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical, emotional or psychological ailment you may have.  Clients must be 18 years of age or older and/or have parental consent. 

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