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Colleen was the calming, caring presence during a very stressful time in my life. She offered a safe, comforting space and provided healing energy that literally
transformed my thoughts and emotions. After the first Reiki session, I felt calmer. After the second session I felt more at peace with myself, and gained a more positive outlook on my personal struggles. Colleen helped me when I could not help myself. She has a strong and accurate intuition, and knows where to focus her healing energy where you need it most. For anyone having a difficult time coping with stress, anxiety or physical discomfort; I highly recommend Colleen’s Reiki therapy.
   Ottawa ON

I've had several psychic readings with Colleen.  Not only is she accurate at perceiving what's happening around me, she is compassionate and a good listener.
   Michelle S

When I was 24 years old, was diagnosed with degenerative back disease and was told that I wouldn’t be able to work anymore by age 35.  Am now 54 years old and still working full time.  Over the years have suffered from various sports injuries to both my knees, which tore the ligaments, at least 3 times each.  I Have been seeing Colleen for the last 5 years, for back and knee pain including some arthritis issues.  After treatments have noticed that my pain is relieved and then I can sleep comfortably at night.  Her, Reiki sessions, have made me so relaxed and stress free that I am calmer and more able to function both at work and at home.  Used to take two or three, Tylenol #3 every day, just to “get by” with the pain.  Since seeing Colleen for regular Reiki treatments, I very rarely require any more drugs to be pain free.  The treatments are drug free and all natural, which is unbelievable to me. 

I will tell you, that at first I was huge skeptic but am now a huge believer!

Highly recommend seeing Colleen, if you are in pain, can’t sleep or need some stress relief.

   Steven Douglas

Have to say that one day I suddenly had terrible pain in my tooth.  Needless to say, hate going to the doctor or dentist but was in agony.  Called the dentist but he wasn’t able to see me till the next morning.  But, I couldn’t bear the pain in my tooth and mouth, any longer that day.  Decided to go see Colleen at Angel Divinations and try some Reiki, out.  Literally would have tried anything at that point…wasn’t convinced it would work but figured I didn’t have much to lose either.  She laid her hands on my face and jaw, for about 15 minutes.  Then she told me, if needed too we could do another treatment before I went to bed that night so I could last until seeing the dentist the next morning.  Later would have to say, I never even noticed that the pain was gone.  Figured, yea…don’t need to see the dentist but Colleen convince me to go anyway.  Dentist said he couldn’t believe that I was sitting there with absolutely no pain.  Dentist said it wasn’t possible as I had an infected abscess at the root of a tooth.  Well, I told him that I had tried some Reiki out and it worked.

   Harold Torp

For almost ten years now I have come to Colleen for psychic guidance. I'm so at ease with her, her intuition is out of this world, she has a very special gift. Colleen has been there for every occasion in my life, good and bad. When I was thinking about making a big move (across the country) I came to Colleen. With her gift she aided me in making the right decision. As well, she predicted what was to come in my future, thus I was prepared. I've never been happier because Colleen has read my future and guided me through it. I trust Colleen, she gives off this serene calmness of positive energy,  I'm so thankful to have her guide me in my life. I encourage everyone to let Colleen show you what the future holds. It's precise, clear and wonderful. My life is worry & stress free because I know what's around the bend.

   Bonnie Wilczynski
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

As a adventurer and thrill seeker I'm always getting hurt. A few years ago I fell while racing a motorcycle on a race track. I fell pretty hard, and was in shambles. My whole left side of my body had been crushed when I fell. My hip was outta balance, my shoulder blade was banged & bruised and that just to name a few. I was so blessed not to have suffered any broken bones as a result. The Dr.s said it would be months of physio & therapy. Well that's not what I wanted to hear, so I looked into alternative medicines. Colleen was very welcoming and comforting person, immediately I felt at ease. Colleen put her hands on me and within a couple of weeks, Colleen's healing energy had me back on my motorcycle. In no time at all I felt like a Million Bucks!!! Colleen is a natural healer, you can feel it when you shake her hand! I swear this women is incredible. I've sent so many people to Colleen to be healed and cured without drugs, medication & chemicals. She's by all means the best.

   Bonbell # 279
   Ottawa, ON

  I have known Colleen for many years as a colleague and client. Colleen is the “real deal” when it comes to helping people. Whether through Hypnosis, Reiki or Physic readings, she is true to her clients and herself! Highly recommended.

   Edith Miller

About 3 years ago, I tore ligaments in my shoulder while shoveling the driveway. The next day I was in pain, but I’m a guy and like most guys, I don’t like going to the doctor and am not a fan of prescription drugs.  After suffering with this for about 2 months, I finally broke down and went to see my doctor and he sent me for tests, prescribed drugs of course and recommended physiotherapy.  I did the tests and went to physio but wanted to stay away from the medication as much as possible. My wife suggested I try Reiki for the pain and said she knew that Colleen McIntosh had a good reputation for this treatment. I went for my first session and was amazed at the instant relief of pain and overall relaxed state I was put into. I returned for 6 more treatments and was already able to deal with a much lower level of pain without any prescribed medication.  This is a wonderful alternative for anyone seeking relief.

   Ottawa, Ontario.

Colleen has been a great part of my life for over ten years and is dear to my heart.  She possesses an amazing gift of healing through Reiki that I have experienced many times over the years.  Colleen has helped me cope with my work and life related stresses, healing from surgery and easing my pain after a traumatic fall.  She has also helped my family with their issues over the years.  Colleen has a strong gift of healing and strength of character.  I would highly recommend her services.

   Sandra L. RN
   Ottawa, Ont.

After having a session with Colleen, I walked out feeling tall and light with such a feeling of relief, in having my questions answered.  Her calm and peaceful guidance helped me move past the dark clouds and see the brightest of “sun” ahead.
   Gloucester, Ontario

Colleen, thank you so much for the great insights in showing me I was moving in the right direction with building my house and "WOW" what a house it turned out to be.  As you stated:  "Everything is right there waiting for you"

Your healing hands and on-going Reiki Treatments have really helped my headaches without the use of traditional medicines.


I have know Colleen for more than 10 years, both personally and in the workplace.  Colleen has shared with me her mystical capacities and expertise in psychic readings.  She is proficient, sensitive, caring, respectful and insightful, when she reads a client.  She is professional, honest and trustworthy in her business of psychic readings and Reiki.  She assists the client to see their challenges and surprises of life's journey, as a positive next step

   Margaret K
   Orleans, Ontario

Colleen is an avid student and ethical reader. She has her heart in the right place as a professional psychic. She is comfortable to be around and will go out of her way to ensure that for her clients. Two thumbs up from me for Colleen McIntosh.

   Wendy James
   President of Luvdragons
   Metaphysical Teacher, Reiki Master, Professional Psychic

The moment you sit down with Colleen, her calming presence and spiritual energy will make you feel instantly relaxed. I have had a psychic reading done and now come to Colleen for reiki on a regular basis. The readings are extremely accurate; with her intuition she is able to get a sense of what is happening in your life right now and what is to come. It felt as though she has been my friend for my entire life, understanding exactly how I am feeling and bringing great guidance when a piece of my life is struggling.

The reiki that Colleen performs is something that must be experience to understand fully just how powerful her healing really is. I have suffered from generalized anxiety disorder for many years now. I have done cognitive behavioral therapy intensively however nothing compares to the calming energy that Colleen gives you. After sessions with her I feel completely relaxed and everyday stressors don’t seem to bother me. This is the first time in my life that I feel completely relaxed and happy in my life. Because of Colleen’s amazing spiritual guidance, intuition, and genuine caring nature, I feel like I am able to see and experience how beautiful life truly is. I think the best quality that Colleen has is that she really cares about her clients and truly loves helping people. She has a very unique gift and I feel blessed that she shares that gift with the world.

   Erikka B
   Ottawa, Ont.

As both a colleague and a friend, Colleen has been a steadfast, compassionate, and healing influence in my life. Her intuition in life matters and her warm healing touch are just two of the gifts that she has been blessed with. She is one of the most joyful and grounded people I have met over the years and feel confident in saying that her guidance and insight have truly benefited me when I needed to make some difficult decisions in my life. Not surprisingly, she also managed to hypnotize me when I was certain it wasn't possible! There are many people in this world who claim to be something they are not. Colleen is not in this category. She is the embodiment of all she that she claims to be and more and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you my friend for all your gifts....

  Stephanie RN

Some people can know things about you that are impossible for them to know, Trust me Colleen McIntosh is one!

   Graham Doughty

I remember when Colleen had helped me using Reiki on my bee sting at the track it was pretty painful, once she had put her hand on the sting and paused and told me to just relax within minutes I had amazing relief it really surprised me at the time. Her energy totally took over the matter. I have a better outlook to this gift that she has and my doubts are now open to receiving what she has to give anyone with an open mind and heart. Thank you my friend.

   Gino Robitaille President of Performance Plus Enterprises and Diplomatic Security.

Last month after about 5 months of intense stress- Arm Burning, then car stolen third time but different car then my foot having a blister, then arm in pain I go see the doctor he says its in my head gives me pills they do not work I can't sleep much I go see an emergency doctor she gives me pills called Lyrica for a pinched nerve then my tooth falls out and another in the back causes me some pain. I start to feel better with my arm but the pills cause great pain to my stomach lining I lose weight I at this point cannot take it anymore I call Colleen for any type of help and she does some Reiki on me and immediately I start to calm down my stomach not just what the pills did to my stomach but for my anxiety which caused great cramp begins to heal and my arm also. One month later which is today I do a reading with Colleen and she sees a great improvement and the reading she does makes much sense and the thing which has been eluding me for so long is coming in about 26 months :) Colleen is a gifted person and knows exactly what she is doing but more importantly she is a wonderful person and my friend a great one at that. Thank you Colleen for all that you have done from the bottom of my heart!

  Robert Carobene

Thank you for agreeing to do a short reading for me last week.  That was fun.

Took your advice and made a list of the ideas I have on my future purpose and direction.   You were right.
Now I’ve written them down, I don’t need to carry them in my mind all the time.   That was a big list and it’s still growing.
In the meantime … discovered my passion for music/singing needs regular space in my life.   Seeing how to create that now.
And once I’m finished this course in November, I will move into writing the book I want to share with the world.


Colleen is absolutely wonderful! I had an unexpected tarot reading with her (had never met her before) and definitely one of the best & most accurate readings I've ever had - it was a delightful surprise. I look forward to my next reading with her!

  Lisa Schmidt
  Owner Lilou Organics

I love this great site and at a time in my life where I was ill and pills and medication made it worse for me and added anxiety to my problems I had a few reiki sessions with Colleen and it helped so much and Colleen herself made it that much easier so much she is an amazing woman and person and a great friend to me.  I adore her so much.  I even took a course level 1 reiki since she inspired me so much to do this.  Now Colleen is even doing new types of energy healing which is amazing to help us all out.  She is such a warm loving caring person :)

  Robert Carobene

Colleen is a truly gifted intuitive with a wonderful warm and friendly personality. She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease, which is so important when you are on the receiving end of potentially life-altering guidance. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her, and she was remarkably accurate!

  Kay Aveling
  Owner Green Spirit